Inspiration for My Office

Creative Recentering

After reading the chapter “How to Create the Space around You for Manifesting” in Manifesting in High Heels, I’ve been craving a peaceful, pretty place to work, read, and write. Which means lately, I’ve become very excited to start working on my office. We bought the paint a few weeks ago, but decided to work on the dining room first. After it’s painted, then the office is next! (And I’ll post pictures of the dining room once it’s a little further along.)

To help organize my ideas for the room, I created a mood board for inspiration.

Mood board copy

Only two of the items from the mood board are set. I’ve already bought the paint and the rug. The rest is up in the air, so I’ll see what I find, but maybe I’ll end up purchasing some of these items.

  • Paint: Ponder from Sherwin Williams
  • Rug: on clearance from Target

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The things we love now


The guys and I are always on the lookout for unique and interesting objects. Here are some more of the things that we love and where you can get them.
From the folks over at uncommon goods




Here are some things we love from the Moma online store




The Metropolitan Museum is always a must visit when we go to New York. Here are a few things that we found in their online shop that make us want to visit there again soon.




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Get Ready for Entertaining – Build a Sideboard the Easy and Inexpensive Way!

Thoughts of Home

8 hours $400 and a little patience and you can create this yourself! 8 hours $400 and a little patience and you can create this yourself!

Recently I have become a big fan of Pinterest. (I attribute this new addiction to my sister as she is the one that got me hooked.) Now I finally have a place to put all those ideas, photos, links etc that I come across on the internet. I consider it my treasure chest of photos illustrating all those garden ideas I must try, furniture refurbishing projects that call to me, places I must visit, home decorating style ideas I can’t resist, and of course recipes I can’t wait to make. Now, if only I had time to implement all the ideas I find! Check me out by clicking the button over to the right that says Pinterest.

Today’s post comes from a discovery on Pinterest. How to build a Sideboard from stock cabinets. Could come in handy…

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One piece at a time

The title of this post is actually borrowed from a great Johnny Cash tune of the same title. If you want to put a smile on your face take a minute and search for a clip on You Tube.

But in this case I want you to think about whatever organizing you are trying to complete as one piece at a time. As you begin your task it may seem overwhelming thinking how much stuff or how many pieces you have to sort. It is important that you simply start – somewhere – anywhere. And as you pick up each object or piece give yourself less than a minute to decide what pile it goes in.

Throw it away: this is for anything broken or damaged beyond repair

Give it away: this is for anything you can either give to someone else or donate

Save: as this pile grows try to put items in groups.  An example would be if you are organizing your closet the groups would be dress shoes, casual shoes, dresses, skirts, blouses, tops, pants, etc.  When the closet has been emptied you will be able to reorganize and have each group already together.

One piece at a time.